AwayDrone offers proactive counter-drone (C-UAS) solutions to private and public sector customers, in response to the growing threat drones place on our security systems.

We are a proud reseller of DroneShield Limited technologies, the industry's leader within the C-UAS space.

As the unmanned technologies continue to develop at a high rate, and both threat actors and governments have become aware of the possibilities presented by these technological developments and the need to mitigate them, the counter-drone industry is now firmly emerging as its own standalone security industry. AwayDrone, and DroneShield are proud to be at its forefront, with effective and cost-effective solutions, capable of deployment today protecting your interests now and into the future.


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Eliza Woodward Company Founder, Director

Starting a drone security company after two decades in the travel industry wasn't accidental. 

Eliza's 20 year industry resume includes working over a decade in top level strategic management with the ASX giant, Flight Centre Limited, then collaborating, starting up and selling many other companies, including Riche Travel, with partners The Perfect Wave, various award winning cafes and restaurants and her most recent project, was the joint venture to startup the now very successful Virtuoso stamped Smartflyer Australia Pty Ltd. Today she brings her operational and leadership expertise to Awaydrone while keeping her hand in her own long term travel business.

Eliza holds a BCom (Marketing, Management), this combined with her history in the luxury travel industry has provided a unique understanding and ability to anticipate the needs of VIP and high net worth clientele.  The luxury travel industry is booming, and Eliza knows it well from both the guests, and the hoteliers perspective.

Close contact with VIP's increasingly seeking safer places to make their "home away from home" sparked Eliza to research how hoteliers were handling the daily increasing threat of drones? Research revealing that drones were absolutely compromising guest privacy, security and safety, and hoteliers were barely even aware.

The forerunners globally, in drone detection technology are an Australian publicly listed company called DroneShield.  

Awaydrone Pty Ltd is the exclusive hotel and resort reseller of DroneShield Limited technology.

DroneShield Counter-UAV technology is highly sophisticated. It has been the esteemed choice for global law enforcement for the likes of the Boston Marathon, the Swiss Police for the World Economic Forum in Davos 2017, and deployed by Australian Police at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland. No other c-uas technology on the market has this cache. 

Awaydrone is proud to be ahead of the game in this velociously changing industry. Eliza's carefully curated team have expertise in security, military, cruise, VIP and and event industry and a deep understanding of the end customers needs.

Awaydrone hopes to be part of providing people real solutions for eradicating threat from unwanted drones as this new industry explodes.

James Gatley - Chief Executive Officer


Highly suited to our Government and Defence portfolio, James comes to AwayDrone with over 17 years Military service, 12 years experience within other specialist roles and a diverse variety of Operational experience in multiple theatres. 

Having started his career as a communications technician before being selected for service within other specialist roles, James is able to understand this sectors needs and challenges both from a capability and technical perspective. 

This real world experience is complimented academically through a Masters Degree in Terrorism and Security studies due to be completed in 2018. This allows James to provide a accurate appreciation of today's rapidly changing security climate, contextualised to your organisations risks.

James will work collaboratively with DroneShield and our Clients to ensure their unique needs are met with a fit-for-purpose solution specific to their requirements.

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Oliver Pentzoldt has 20 years high level experience in many facets of the security industry.

He has worked with the Australian Protective Service (APS), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), worked in the entertainment security industry, in VIP close personal protection, worked with International Airport Security and also in Counter Terrorism both domestically and internationally in a Capacity Development role.

With a long and successful career, Oliver understands the seriousness of the crucial role security plays in any organisation. He boasts being chosen to take care of many A list celebrity’s and actors during their visits to Australia, artists such a Madonna, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam to name a few. The strategic pre planning of special events, from team rostering, managing crowd control, and being on the ground, venue security has been Oliver's primary function. 

Oliver has been an armed operational member of the AFP Counter Terrorism First Response team at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SKSA) and one of four AFP Operational Duty Manger’s running vital elements of the security operations.

Whilst abroad he was awarded a commendation for hazardous overseas service to compliment his Police Overseas Service Medal and 10 years of service medal.

Today, serious potential drone threat exists for many critical infrastructures, and Oliver's first hand experience and years of insider knowledge are an enormous resource.

Recognising unwanted surveillance, reading approaching security breaches and gathering intel of a pre-empting threat, makes him a huge asset not only to Awaydrone, but for any organisation wanting to ensure the safety of their property and people.

Oliver is available by appointment to discuss your specific requirements, and help you understand any current flaws in your systems. Please contact him on oliver.pentzoldt@awaydrone.com for any questions.



Kate White has 15 years of experience in various high-level roles within the marine and travel industry. With her passion for travel, Kate quickly became a specialist in top level luxury products.  Throughout her career, there has been one common focus, the safety and security of her valued clients. 

AwayDrone plans to exhibit our DroneShield technology after deploying at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Queensland Australia, contact us for more information to see the products at a live demonstration.

Please do not hesitate to contact kate.white@awaydrone.com with any questions.