What is the real cost of a drone breach?


On 12 June 2017, an incident saw Dubai International Airport close for 69 minutes. It is not the first time drones have delayed flights at the airport, one of the world's busiest. Dubai International Airport is one of four drone no-fly zones set up by the General Civil Aviation Authority in April 2017 in which a drone caused a 55-minute shutdown estimated to have cost the emirate’s economy Dh3.7 million a minute.


Drones don’t just pose a threat to airports and military forces  — they can also be hazardous to the civilian population. Extremist groups often intend to cause as much devastation as possible, and so drones are used in many ways to target critical infrastructure and people alike.

But the drones that use improvised devices, while flashy, aren’t the real game changer for extremist groups. It’s the simple surveillance drones that have been the most useful, allowing them to conduct reconnaissance flights to gather critical intel on sites of interest, current security in place, test booby traps, and so on.


Oliver Pentzoldt - Strategic Operations

Oliver Pentzoldt has 20 years high level experience in many facets of the security industry.

He has worked with the Australian Protective Service (APS), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), worked in the entertainment security industry, in VIP close personal protection, worked with International Airport Security and also in Counter Terrorism both domestically and internationally.

With a long and successful career, Oliver understands the seriousness of the crucial role security plays in any organisation. 

Oliver has been an armed operational member of the AFP Counter Terrorism First Response team at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SKSA) and one of four AFP Operational Duty Manger’s running vital elements of the security operations.

Whilst abroad he was awarded a commendation for hazardous overseas service to compliment his Police Overseas Service Medal and 10 years of service medal.

Today, serious potential drone threat exists for many critical infrastructures, and Oliver's first hand experience and years of insider knowledge are an enormous resource.

Recognising unwanted surveillance, reading approaching security breaches and gathering intel of a pre-empting threat, makes him a huge asset not only to Awaydrone, but for any organisation wanting to ensure the safety of their property and people.

Oliver is available by appointment to discuss your specific requirements, and help you understand any current flaws in your systems. Please contact him on for any questions.