Our security needs are changing before our eyes. Today, Drones offer adversaries a low cost, easy to acquire tool capable of deployment against our interests. This makes them an asset to enemies as they invent new and creative ways to penetrate highly secure environments. Mobility and low visibility make drones useful tools in missions against government interests.  They can be used for physical harm, harassment, or espionage, posing danger to classified intelligence and research, security and defense, elite technologies, physical premises, and personnel safety. DroneShield’s specialised technology is used by law enforcement, homeland security, military, and government facilities to reinforce their defense against hostile intentions.
They will become smaller, cheaper and more capable as technology evolves.  Proliferation and domain expertise of threat actors is highly likely to increase, as such this will require a whole-of-government considered response to ensure this threat is adequately countered.
We empower our clients with the ability to Detect, Assess and Respond to aerial consumer grade drones.  DroneShield  C-UAS technology is proven and trusted.  This allows our clients to engage AwayDrone with the confidence our solutions offer real solutions for today and into the future. 



Highly suited to our Government and Defence portfolio, James comes to AwayDrone with over 17 Years Military Service, 12 Years experience within Special Operations Command and a diverse variety of Operational experience in multiple theatres. 

Having started his career as a specialist communications technician before being selected for service within Special Operations, James is able to understand this sectors needs and challenges both from a capability and technical perspective.  

This real world experience is complimented academically through a Masters Degree in Terrorism and Security studies due to be completed in 2018.  This allows James to provide a accurate appreciation of today's rapidly changing security climate, contextualised to your organisations risks.

James will work collaboratively with DroneShield and our Clients to ensure their unique needs are met with a fit-for-purpose solution specific to their requirements.