It is our duty to provide privacy and safety to our guests.

With over 20 years working with luxury hotel and resort partners globally, and multiple travel businesses under her belt, Eliza Woodward, CEO of Awaydrone well understands and can anticipate the needs of VIP and luxury clientele.

Travellers now, more than ever, look for more than just aesthetically beautiful havens for their holidays, but hunt for places where they know they are truly safe and can relax.  Whether its hobbyist drones annoying your clients while you have outdoor events, other guests bothering VIPs in their private spaces? unwanted drones surveilling from the air a part of the property perhaps yet unveiled? or at worst, nefarious operators targeting your property or guests for potential terrorist purposes... we can agree that what was once able to be protected by ground security and physical barriers, is now penetrable. 

Open skies, outdoor spaces, rooftop penthouses, pools, bars, popular party, celebrity and event areas, once a hotels biggest asset, are now their biggest liability.

In the luxury travel industry it is our duty of care to provide privacy and safety to our guests. AwayDrone offers you the peace-of-mind and insurance that your guests will remain safe within their home-away-from-home. 

Hoteliers can now assess and counter measure everyday risks from drones entering their property perimeter, with our easy, safe, technology, that can be integrated into current security systems, to offer you a peace of mind, an insurance, that  your guests will remain safe within their home away form home.

We will use satellite imagery of your property on request to tailor the best drone detection and defence system for you, contact us for any advice and costings.

"Great, I'll be in touch if I think we have a drone problem"

A single drone mishap, could destroy the reputation of a hotel, even of its collective brand. Imagine a hobbyist crashing into a wedding, or a "dronerazzi" spying on a celebrity guest, or more seriously an extremist group attack, as has happened throughout history to hotel properties that were unprepared and vulnerable.

Not only is it impossible for any hotel, or resort to know without drone detection technology if they already HAVE a drone problem, but as the world moves into an age of what is predicted to be a 100,000 billion dollar drone industry, hoteliers who chose to be reactive in protecting their property from drones will no doubt find out how enormous the problems can be when its too late.

Eliza Woodward


It was close contact with luxury travellers increasingly seeking safer places to make their "home away from home" that sparked Eliza to research how hoteliers were handling the daily increasing threat of drones? Research revealing that drones were absolutely compromising guest privacy, security and safety, with many hoteliers barely even aware.

The forerunners globally, in drone detection technology are an Australian publicly listed company called DroneShield.  

Awaydrone Pty Ltd is the exclusive hotel and resort reseller of DroneShield technology.

DroneShield has been the choice to protect the likes of the Boston Marathon for the last three years running, the Swiss Police for the World Economic Forum in Davos 2017, and April 2018 the Queensland Commonwealth Games, no other technology on the global market TODAY is as sophisticated or proven in its reputation.

Awaydrone hopes to be part of providing people real solutions for eradicating threat from unwanted drones as this new industry explodes.