The recreational drone industry is rapidly on the rise and is tipped to reach $127 billon by 2020. Luxury yachts, cruise ships, terminals, marinas and ports are all at risk of illegal drone activity and privacy breaches.

The celebrity pest "dronerazzi" are getting sneakier and sneakier with their efforts to capture hero shots of high-profile and VIP guests on their private safe haven -  their luxury vessel.  In addition, recreational drones are so easily available to anyone, with off the shelf drones able to fly up to 8km from the pilot, anywhere, and most alarmingly, anonymously.  

Anyone can deploy a drone in the air space in and around your marine investment, without detection security you may not even know until its too late.  

Risks include drones conducting reconnaissance, carrying contraband, attack or simple collision, causing unmeasurable danger and damage to both vessel and onboard guests. In the wrong hands, drones can be used to assist in piracy, criminal and terror-related acts. They are an exponentially growing liability.

Protect your marine investments. 

From small privately-owned vessels to Mega Ships and Super-Yachts, Awaydrone offers solutions for both detection and drone mitigation, both mobile and static, customised or off the shelf, automated and handheld-man operated. 

Our Kate White is available to understand your needs and provide you detailed costings and information.


Kate White has 15 years of experience in various high-level roles within the marine and travel industry. With her passion for travel, Kate quickly became a specialist in top level luxury products.  Throughout her career, there has been one common focus, the safety and security of her valued clients. 

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions.

AwayDrone plans to exhibit our DroneShield technology after deploying at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Queensland Australia, contact us for more information to see the products at a live demonstration.

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions.